Like many people, I was a fit child and young adult, thanks to a lot of outside time and plenty of recreational sports. (Thanks, mom and dad!) However, after college, my sedentary lifestyle got the best of me. I had a desk job, and I spent my evenings unwinding with dinner and a beer with friends. I hated working out, and I just couldn’t make myself “hit the gym” on a regular basis. I started gaining weight, and I developed several health problems that, while minor, were really uncomfortable. Not only that, my back hurt all the time, and my anxiety was worse than ever. Then I went on a hike with a friend one day, and it changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s absolutely true. We hiked for more than 5 miles, and I never wanted to stop. My body was exhausted, and everything hurt the next day. But I was ready to go again. Being outdoors, it seemed, was the one thing that could make exercise fun. Since then, I have fully embraced “nature’s workout” (hiking) and expanded my hobbies to include biking, trail running, outdoor yoga, and basically any other activity that can be done outdoors. After nearly a decade of maintaining a healthy weight, improved doctor’s reports, and better mental health, I am still excited about my fitness routine. I hope this website will get you excited about it too!